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    Team Lead, Opportunity/Obstacle Analyst
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I am a mutlimedia specialist based out of Kansas City. I have 8 years experience with Front End web design and development with the bulk of my experience being in WordPress and full stack design. I do all of my own graphic design and have years experience in the areas of video editing and audio editing. I have recently ventured into Android application development as well.


I choose the term Opportunity/Obstacle Analyst as a title to demonstrate my ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions for each individual client based on their needs. I look for opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked as well as prepare for eventual obstacles and find solutions for them before they become problems. This has led to solutions for a wide variety of situations that otherwise would go unsolved in the web design industry.


I am certified with Comptia to provide technical support on computers. I am also trained in system administration and networking. This means the solutions I can provide exceed digital ones, and can span into integrated systems in an office or in your pocket.



Comptia A+ Certified W3Schools Certified


what I can do for you

Business Formation

Get started right with proper structuring, market identification, and tax preparation. This is the first step for new entrepreneurs.


Logos, slogans, mission statements, are just a few parts of a puzzle that makes up your business's identity.

Search Engine Optimization

Show up before your competitors on search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo using uniquely tailored strategic optimization.


Selective exposure gets you closer to your target market and effectively increases conversions.

Web Design

Modern business requires modern websites, built responsively to function and look great on all devices.

App Development

Push the limits by putting your business in your customer's pocket




This is when communication is key to get the entire picture of a clients needs, difficulties, and options. This will lay the foundation for all of the work that follows.



Ideas are put into action and solutions are implemented. This is the bulk of the work being done to get the client what they need.



After implementing, it is important to test extensively to make sure the solution will function as designed and avoid unforseen consequences. Often overlooked by other developers this is a phase I take seriously.



This is the final step when I reconvine with the client to show them the ins and outs of the solution and how it functions. This ensures that their need has been met and any changes or additions are discussed at this point.


My latest work



Web development project


Sweeney's Good Stuff

Web development project


Network Innovations



Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer

Web development project


Louisburg Sports Zone

Web development project


Powell Pumpkin Patch

Web development project


what clients says about me


"Kenneth recently built a website for our organization and did an incredible job. He was professional, responsive, and proactive. We love our new site, it's features and design and could not have been more pleased with his work."

Deliece Hofen

President of Braden's Hope

"When I first decided to go into business for myself, I knew I needed to start with a web page that looked great and was easy to use. Kenneth was able to make both of those happen for me. He is very knowledgeable in the world of web design and has helped with any problems I might have encountered along the way. In more than two years into my web-based business, the site still looks good and up to date today. He works to make his customers happy and that they are satisfied with his work. I would recommend him highly and I am looking forward to working with him in the future as my business continues to grow."

Andy Brown

Owner of Louisburg Sports Zone

"We are very pleased with the website that Kenneth designed for us. It had everything we asked for and he added some of his own ideas. He is always willing to help us and is very prompt about making changes that we need. We would recommend him to our friends."

Regina York

Co-Owner of Powell Pumpkin Patch


Please feel free to get in touch with me for questions, comments, or work inquiries.

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